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This is an agreement between the User and the company TRIPINPAD stating the terms of the license that govern the access to the Mobile Application referred hereafter under the name “HiJames” as well as the terms and conditions of use of its associated Services by the User. This contract, together with all updates, additional terms, privacy policy and all rules and policies, collectively constitute the Agreement between the user and TRIPINPAD.

If the User doesn’t agree to the Terms and conditions, he must uninstall the Mobile Application from his device. By using the Mobile Application, the User with or without any personal account, acknowledge that he has read and understood this contract and agree to abide without any reservation by its terms and conditions. Any violation, change, additions or deletions are not acceptable and TRIPINPAD may refuse access to services for non compliance with any part of this Agreement and void all booked/purchased services, without notice or refunds and without the possibility of reimbursement of the expenses involved.

HiJames reserves the right to modify the present Terms and conditions of use at any time; all modification will be subject of a notice that will appear on the Mobile Application. Such modifications and additional terms and conditions will be effective immediately and incorporated into this Agreement.

All use of the Mobile Application following such modifications assumes conscious acceptance of the Terms and conditions of use as they appear.

  1. Definitions

The terms which appear in the present Agreement are defined as stated below:

Client: all persons, physical or moral having subscribed to one of our paid services in conjunction with HiJames and having paid the agreed price.

User: Mobile Application visitors and users.

Book: possibility to reserve a service proposed by HiJames.

Content:  texts, graphics, photographs or pictures, plans, illustrations, logos, source code, brand names, tabs, functions, slogan, images, sounds, texts, user interface and/or any other information whatever it is and posted by TRIPINPAD on HiJames.

Mobile Application: Mobile Application HiJames

Partner: any professional provider of services for tourists and selected by TRIPINPAD

Services: all activities, information, suggestions and services proposed on HiJames.

Sponsor: Any person by way of which a person has registered

Subscribed User: User with a personal account

Tour: all paid services provided by the Partners and proposed by HiJames (visits, walks, activities, excursions), that last less than twenty-four (24) hours.

The terms defined below have the same singular or plural.

  1. Presentation of HiJames

HiJames provides information to the tourists, suggests and sales services provided by its Partners throughout France for tourists particularly about excursions, tours, visits, recreational activities and gastronomical and cultural activities (hereafter referred to as Services).

TRIPINPAD acts as an intermediary between tourists and leisure and tourism professionals (the Partners).

HiJames relies on a network of selected Partners for the quality and relevance of their services provision.

  1. Usage rules

The User agrees that he will not attempt to, or encourage or assist any other person to, circumvent or modify any part of the Mobile Application covered under the present Agreement.

He agrees not to use the Content in a context which could distort and/or result in prejudice toward its owner.

As a general rule, the User agrees not to use HiJames and its Services in any way that could be illegal, a breach of public order, or violate TRIPINPAD’s or a third parties’ rights.  In particular, he will use the Mobile Application in good faith, in accordance with its exclusive purpose and in compliance with the legal and regulatory provisions and current practices.

The Client agrees to only use the Mobile Application to reserve the Services proposed and for his/her personal use only.

The User acknowledges that some aspects of the Mobile Application, its Services and the management of the Terms and conditions of use require regular participation from TRIPINPAD.


  1. Condition of access to the Mobile Application and to the Services


All Users have the right to access the content of HiJames.

Any cost to access to the Mobile Application, including but not limited to, equipment and internet connection are the responsibility of the User.

Only subscribed Users can access to the paid Services on HiJames.

  • Unsubscribed Users of the Mobile Application HiJames

– Any User with an internet connection can upload HiJames on his mobile phone and access the Mobile Application at no cost.

– Any User who is not an accountholder on the Mobile Application has only the right to access the data and information publicly available on the Mobile Application.

4.2.        Subscribed User on the Mobile Application

4.2.1 Conditions of inscription

Creating an account on the Mobile Application is free of charge.

If a User wishes to subscribe to the Mobile Application, he/she has to create a personal account on HiJames.

The User may also have been invited by a Sponsor.

In order to create a personal account, the User must complete all required fields on the subscription page on the Mobile Application. The fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

The information provided by the Subscribed User must be exact and up to date.

By creating an account, the User agrees to update his/her personal information.


The information contained in the Unsubscribed User’s personal account can be accessed/modified by him/her at all times.

TRIPINPAD advises the Subscribed User to save the address hijamesapp@gmail.com in his/her email address book to avoid that HiJames’ messages be considered as spam.

In the case of fraudulent or out of dated account information, HiJames reserves the right to legally delete an account without notice to the Subscribed User.

The User will be informed of the creation of his/her account on HiJames via an e-mail sent to the address associated with his/her personal account. The User ID and password will be required in order to allow the Subscribed User to access his/her personal account.

The user ID and password of a Subscribed User are personal and should not be shared with a third party under any circumstances. The Subscribed User accepts to keep the User ID and password he has chosen confidential. The Subscribed User must take all measures possible in order to protect his password and User ID.

In the event that the User should forget or suspect fraudulent use of his User ID or password, he/she must immediately inform TRIPINPAD. In this case, HiJames will immediately delete both the User ID and password and ask the User to change both his/her password and User ID.

When booking a Service or a Tour, the Subscribed User is also considered as a Client.

4.2.2.     Rights and obligation of the Subscribed User

The Mobile Application and its Services are made available to the User in the form of a non-exclusive license Agreement. This license is granted worldwide and for the duration of the Agreement binding the User to TRIPINPAD.

The Subscribed User has the right to access the Contents of the Mobile Application and his/her personal information by using the settings of the Mobile Application.

The Contents can be used as many times as the Subscribed User wishes within the framework of the present Terms of and conditions use.

The Subscribed User acknowledges that his account is personal and agrees not to allow others to use it.

The Subscribed User agrees to notify TRIPINPAD immediately of any unauthorized use of his account, and any breach of confidentiality and security of its means of identification.

User is solely responsible for any use which may be made of his username and password, and only guarantee of confidentiality, and any use of the account, including negligence.


4.2.3.     Duration

Right to use HiJames is granted to the Subscribed User for an undefined duration. TRIPINPAD reserves the right to deny access to its Mobile Application at any time. In this case the Subscribed User will receive an email notice.

In case of violation of the terms presented above, access to the section designated to Subscribed Users may be immediately denied without notice. Denial of access, by means of account deactivation, may be either temporary or permanent.

4.2.4. Unsubscribe

The User may unsubscribe from HiJames by deactivating his/her account at any time. This can be done on the Mobile Application page of his personal account. All account deactivations on the Mobile Application take effect immediately. A Subscribed User who has deactivated his/her account may still have access to HiJames under the same conditions as an unsubscribed User described above.

  1. Intellectual Property


HiJames is a registered trademark.

The Mobile Application including the Content is the exclusive property of TRIPINPAD and is protected by intellectual property and copyright laws.

The Content is the exclusive property of TRIPINPAD (unless otherwise indicated) and constitutes intellectual work, pursuant to article L 112-1 of the French Intellectual Property Code, protected by current French and international laws in the field.

TRIPINPAD is also the producer of the database made by the layout of the Content on the Mobile Application, according to article L. 341-1 of the intellectual property code.


All partial or complete reproduction of HiJames is strictly prohibited.

No reproduction, representation, disclosure, adaptation, translation, partial or entire modification, or transfer onto another website, even for non-commercial purposes, and irrespective of the medium and/or process employed, may be made without prior written approval from TRIPINPAD.

All unauthorized reproduction constitutes an infringement subject to legal consequences.

The User agrees not to modify, rent, lease, loan, sell, distribute, or create derivative works based on the Mobile Application and its Services, in any manner.

Other trademarks, graphics and logos used in relation with HiJames and its Services may be commercial trademarks of their respective owners.  No rights or license is granted to the User regarding the aforementioned trademarks or their use.


– Content downloaded by a Client from the Mobile Application for off-line use for example, remains the exclusive property of TRIPINPAD.

– All re-use of the Contents by the User for commercial or promotional purposes is strictly prohibited.

– Any adaptation or exploitation of the personal content by the User are exclusively his own responsibility.

  1. Liability

TRIPINPAD reserves the right to take steps it believes reasonably necessary or appropriate to enforce and/or verify compliance with any part of this Agreement. Violations of the Mobile Application’s system is prohibited, and TRIPINPAD reserves the right to initiate criminal and civil proceedings.

The User agrees that TRIPINPAD has the right, without liability to him/her, to disclose any Registration Data and/or Account information to law enforcement authorities and government officials, as  TRIPINPAD believes it is reasonably necessary or appropriate to enforce and/or verify compliance with any part of this Agreement (including but not limited to TRIPINPAD’s right to cooperate with any legal process relating to the use of HiJames and its Services and/or a third-party claim that her/his use of the Mobile Application is unlawful and/or infringes such third party’s rights, and this in accordance with applicable laws).

Any violation of the present Agreement may result in the User’s liability to TRIPINPAD, its employees, affiliates, agents, Partners, contractors with respect to any claims arising out of your breach of this Agreement. TRIPINPAD will hold responsible any User subject to an investigation related to an alleged breach of the Agreement or if the investigation concludes there was indeed a breach of the Agreement.


  1. Disclaimer

TRIPINPAD will provide the Service in accordance with the Agreement and standard practice. TRIPINPAD shall undertake no other commitment or no other guarantee regarding the Service and, in particular, does not guarantee the availability of the Mobile Application other than in the form set out in the paragraph 8 below and especially that:

  • The use of the Service will be uninterrupted and error-free.
  • The Service will be free from loss, corruption, attack, viruses, interference, hacking, or other security intrusion which shall be events of Force Majeure, and TRIPINPAD disclaims any liability relating thereto.

TRIPINPAD shall not be responsible for any losses or damages incurred as a result of HiJames, TRIPINPAD’s employees or managers.

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law and to the extent TRIPINPAD is found responsible for damage not covered by the Agreement, the liability of TRIPINPAD is limited to the defined, real and established damages.

TRIPINPAD shall not be held liable for any indirect consequence or damage whatsoever, tangible or intangible (such as a loss of earnings, commercial loss or breach of privacy), arising from the use of HiJames and/or the Services by its Users or any other person.


The information diffused on HiJames stems from reliable sources. However, TRIPINPAD does not guarantee the exactitude or pertinence of this information to the User. Therefore, the use of information and contents available on the Mobile Application and any consequences are the sole responsibility of the user.

At least, TRIPINPAD does not guarantee the exactitude or the pertinence of the comments which may be posted by the Users about their own experience. Those comments are written, released and distributed under the full responsibility of the Users.

TRIPINPAD only ensures fight against banned content and the removal of all clearly illegal content, since it will in fact know.

  1. Availability of the Mobile Application

The Mobile Application is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week with the exception of programmed maintenance interruptions and incidents beyond the control of TRIPINPAD.

TRIPINPAD reserves the right to interrupt, or modify the access to HiJames, without obligation to inform the user/client, for any reason deemed necessary by TRIPINPAD. This interruption does not result in a right to compensation.

TRIPINPAD will do everything within its means to assure normal access to the Mobile Application, but may not be held liable in the event of Mobile Application or server malfunction or any other event which may prevent or limit access to HiJames.

TRIPINPAD is not liable in the event of pirating of the Mobile Application. The User declares acceptance of the inherent characteristics and limits of the internet. TRIPINPAD may terminate at any time the exploitation of HiJames. This does not grant the User a right to any compensation—monetary or otherwise. TRIPINPAD reserves the right to modify the features of the Mobile Application (by means of addition, deletion, or substitution) to satisfy its technical and legal arrangements.

  1. Availability of the Chat on the Mobile Application HiJames

The Chat on the Mobile Application is not accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It depends on avaibility of TRIPINPAD’s Team, and of programmed maintenance interruptions and incidents.

  1. Personal Data

The User is informed that his/her personal information collected by TRIPINPAD for the use of the Mobile Application are saved by the HiJames host server in a way which complies with the French law entitled “Informatique et Libertés” dated from January the 6th of 1978. The CNIL has also been notified of the electronic file containing the traveller’s information.

The personal information of the subscribed User provided in his User account will only ever be used by TRIPINPAD in order to satisfy the functional needs of the Mobile Application and will serve solely as proof of electronic communication.

TRIPINPAD reserves the right to use this data to send commercial messages related to HiJames or to its Services.

Before using the Mobile Application, TRIPINPAD invites any User to carefully read its privacy policy.

  1. Suspension/Cancelation

The Subscribed User may clear his/her account at any time via the settings of the Mobile Application.

As described above, TRIPINPAD reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend or prohibit access to HiJames to any User in case of a violation of the present Terms of use on behalf of the User.

  1. Dispute and applicable law


This Agreement and use of the Service are governed by French law.

In the event of a dispute, the French version shall prevail.

In the case of a dispute related to the interpretation, application, termination, or nullity of the present Terms of and conditions use, only courts of competent jurisdiction pertaining to the locality of company headquarters (Paris in France) will be considered for purposes of litigation, including in the instance of a procedure out of court, regardless of the plurality of defenders.

In litigation involving intellectual property rights, the T.G.I. of Paris will have jurisdiction pursuant to Article L. 211-10 of the Code of Judicial Organization.


  1. Miscellaneous

These Terms and conditions of Use constitute the entire Agreement about the use of HiJames between the User and TRIPINPAD, superseding any prior agreements.  If any of the provisions of this Agreement are deemed to be null and void pursuant to a law in force, or a final court decision, only the provision in question shall be deemed omitted without affecting the validity of the Agreement.


The fact that the Party did not require the application of any provision of these Terms and conditions of use, whether permanently or temporarily, shall under no circumstances be regarded as a waiver of rights under this Part of that clause



If the user witnessed an abuse on the Mobile Application or would like to flag information diffused on HiJames he/she has to contact the support team at : hijamesapp@gmail.com  and to notify TRIPINPAD with the informations required by article 6-I-5 of the LCEN i.e. (the date, his identity, the URL address of the litigious content, the description of the litigation and the identity of the author).




Updated 08-14-2014


  1. Preambule

The Terms and Conditions of sale define the conditions of sale of Tours (as defined below) by TRIPINPAD (see Legal Mentions) on HiJames for all Clients. Any reservation confirmed on the Mobile Application means the full and complete acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of sales as well as the acceptance of the Terms and conditions governing the use of this Mobile Application which take effect immediately.

If the Client does not agree to these Terms and conditions of sale, he should not make any booking on it.

TRIPINPAD reserves the right to update or modify these Terms and Conditions of sale at any time without prior notice. Any reservation on HiJames following any such changes constitutes an agreement to follow and be bound by the modified Terms and Conditions of sale. For this reason, TRIPINPAD encourages any User or Client to review these Terms and Conditions of sale regularly.

TRIPINPAD shall be entitled to terminate the Terms and conditions of sale immediately in case of failure by the Client to comply with any of its disposition. In case of termination of the Terms and Conditions by TRIPINPAD, the Client shall not be entitled to any compensation nor the possibility of a refund of any fees incurred.

  1. Definitions

Client: all persons, physical or moral having subscribed to one of our paid services in conjunction with HiJames and having paid the agreed price.

User: Mobile Application visitors and users

Book: possibility to reserve a service proposed by HiJames using an electronic mail address (e-mail), without the creation of a personal member’s account.

The terms booking or reservation are used interchangeably.

Partner: any professional provider of services for tourists and selected by TRIPINPAD

Profile:  information provided by the Traveler/Client and the manner of its collation on the Mobile Application

Services: all activities, information, suggestions and services proposed on HiJames.

Sponsor: Any person by way of which a person has registered

Mobile Application: the Mobile Application “HiJames”

Tour: all paid services provided by the Partners and proposed by HiJames, (visits, walks, activities, excursions), that last less than twenty-four (24) hours.

Voucher: confirmation of the reservation

  1. Terms of Access of Services by HiJames


  • Booking a Tour

The process of booking a Tour on the Mobile Application is as follows.

– The User chooses a Tour

– The User chooses the number of people who will be present on the tour, as well as the desired date(s) according to availability.

– The User send these information to HiJames Support Team (click on “Reserve”)

– The User receives a confirmation of the Tour either by email and/or on the Mobile Application

– The User validates the reservation by his full payment via a secure payment system.

Once the payment is authorized by the Client’s bank, a confirmation of the reservation with the Voucher attached is sent at the earliest possible to the Client on his/her email address. This confirmation contains all the details of the purchase (reservation status, tax, tour name, time, number of people, description, meeting point, guide’s telephone number).

All processed reservations implicate the payment in full of the reservation price.

In any event, TRIPINPAD can’t be held responsible for the lack of delivery of the Voucher to the Client if this is due to the communication of a false e-mail address by the Client.

It is up to the Client to verify the Voucher received and in case of error, to make reservations or to refuse the Voucher and to warn TRIPINPAD within the legal period.

Reservation is considered as effective as soon as the Client receives this confirmation.

The Voucher should thus be printed by the Client who must present it at the departure of the Tour. The Voucher is the only proof of reservation that TRIPINPAD will accept.

In case the voucher is lost, the Client must send an email at hijamesapp@gmail.com to be issued a new Voucher.

The Voucher can only be used for the total amount. It can’t be used more than once. Although this should never happen, if a Voucher was to be honored for any reason whatsoever, for an amount less than the face value, it can’t be made ​​any claim for benefit from having a refund or a new Voucher equal to the difference between the face value of the Voucher and the amount for which it was honored.

All expenses incurred by the Customer in addition to those provided in the description of the Tour are the responsibility of the Client only and may not be paid with the Voucher.

  • Making changes to Bookings

Up until 24 hours before Tour departure, changing a booking will not incur any charges unless it is in the “no modification, no cancellation” category. After 24 hours the Client will be charged 100% of Tour price.

In order to apply changes to the reservation, the Client should send a message at booking@dev.hijames.com .The support team will respond to the demand as soon as possible in order to find a new date.

If the HiJames support team is notified about the change in time and cannot accommodate it, TRIPINPAD will reimburse the entire price of the purchase without any penalty. The refund amount will not exceed the actual price paid under the reservation. The repayment will always be considered full and final settlement of all claims you may have against TRIPINPAD given the reservation.

In some exceptional circumstances the Partner may be obliged to change the booking. TRIPINPAD shall inform the Client of any changes as soon as it becomes aware. The Partner is solely responsible for these changes. TRIPINPAD encourage the Client to carefully read the conditions of the Partner.

  • Canceling a Booking

The Client may cancel his entire reservation up until 24 hours before the date of the Tour.

The reservation of a Tour is made for a specific date. Without twenty four hours (24h) notice, the Client will not be refunded and TRIPINPAD will keep 100% of the price paid for the reservation. All cancellation requests should be made by mail to hijamesapp@gmail.com and should include the reservation number, the name of the Client, as well as the date.

The support team will process the demand as soon as possible.

Any interruption of the Tour on the part of the Client will not be subject to reimbursement.

When the Client cancels the reservation within 24 hours preceding the scheduled date of booking, it is possible that additional cancellation fee will be charged by the Partner. The Client will be informed of the cancellation fees at the time of booking.

  • Ceding of the Booking to another person

After a reservation is completed, someone else may participate in the Tour free of charge in the place of the Client. Any resell or attempt to resell a reservation is strictly prohibited and will not be recognized as legitimate by TRIPINPAD. It may result in the eventual cancellation of the voucher at the discretion of TRIPINPAD

The assignor(s) must notify the ceding of the reservation by email to hijamesapp@gmail.com at least 48 hours before the Tour departure. The notification must include the precise name(s) and identification information of the assignee and beneficiaries. The beneficiaries must fulfil the same conditions as the assignor in order to take part in the Tour.

  • Late Arrivals

Any Client who arrives late on the day of the excursion will be considered as absent. His/her Tour will be canceled and therefore not refundable. Absences are not subject to reimbursement, regardless of the reason for the absence.

  1. Price

The prices mentioned on this Mobile Application are stated in euros (€). Unless otherwise indicated, the prices include V.A.T.

Service prices are subject to modification without notice and are not guaranteed until the Client receives a confirmation. Prices vary according to the number of people per booking.

Specials prices indicated on the Mobile Application, are only valid on a limited period of time and include a discount comprised between 5 to 15% off the regular price. They are subject to change at any time and are not guaranteed until the Client receives a confirmation.

In some circumstances, TRIPINPAD can make mistakes on the price. If the error is obvious, TRIPINPAD reserves the right to refund the Client the entire amount already paid and then give him the option to make a new reservation at a correct price. An obvious price error represents an impossible or disproportionate price whether up or down.

Bank charges may be added to the reservation of the Client when credit cards or American Express cards are used as a means of payment. No additional bank charges will be added to the order if the Client uses as payment a credit card. The Client will be clearly informed of the amount of such additional bank charges before checkout.

  1. Payment

All payments must be done at the time of booking to validate a reservation. There is no additional cost at the time of booking. TRIPINPAD always charge the full amount of the reservation in euros (€).

The payment is made through the secure and certified PCI DSS payment system of PayPlug. The Client should read carefully the conditions available on the website https://www.payplug.fr/ .


TRIPINPAD keeps no bank details and communicates with the bank only with a reference number Client. It is recommended that the Client to disconnect after each login to their account HiJames.

  1. Expiry


The Voucher is valid only for the date indicated on the Voucher and will expire on that date.


  1. Pictures, illustrations, photography


The photographs and / or images on HiJames are published to illustrate the Services and may not represent the Services accurately. Photos, illustrations and / or visual create no contractual obligation.


  1. Client responsibility

By booking a Tour proposed on the Mobile Application, the Client certifies that:

–              He is capable of entering into a contract as a Client, thereby agreeing to make any documents necessary to attest to his/her physical/mental fitness, thus allowing him/her to participate in the chosen service available. TRIPINPAD reserves the right to request these documents for all Clients, if deemed necessary.

–              He is sufficiently insured to engage in the activities necessary to participate in a Tour proposed on HiJames as a Client.

The Client agrees that all information transmitted to TRIPINPAD must be accurate, complete and truthful and that he shall notify as soon as possible TRIPINPAD of any change in information already provided.

If the Client books for a third party, he warrants to have been mandated to do and that all the people for whom he has booked have accepted these Terms and conditions of sales.

Conditions of the Partners:

The Partners have their own requirements regarding the provision of their respective services benefits. The Client must ensure, before booking a Tour that the Client presenting the Voucher to a Partner complies with those conditions. It is the sole responsibility of the Client. However, restrictions on booking will always be displayed clearly on HiJames, prior to any reservation is made.

  1. Obligation of TRIPINPAD


TRIPINPAD is committed to:

  • process the booking in accordance with the market standards,
  • ensure that the Partner are allowed to offer booking
  • check the existence and the reliability of the Partner
  • manage the reservation with due diligence


All HiJames Tours are covered by a professional cover insurance as required by law, which covers bodily, material, and immaterial harm which could befall the Clients of a Tour following shortcomings or failure of HiJames’ services. The Client is encouraged to consult his/her insurer for all complementary coverage from which he/she wishes to benefit.


  1. TRIPINPAD liability

Nothing in this Terms and conditions of sales shall exclude or limit the liability of TRIPINPAD when it can’t be excluded or limited under applicable law (eg. in cases of fraud).

The contracts concluded about the Services proposed on HiJames are passed between the Client and the Partner. TRIPINPAD only engages to put the Client in contact with the Partner. TRIPINPAD can ‘t be held liable in respect of breaches of contract by the Partner to the Client for Services related to a Voucher or described on HiJames, nor is TRIPINPAD required to provide those Services.

The Partner is the only one to be responsible for the proper performance of the Tour.  TRIPINPAD excludes all liability arising out of or in connection with the quality or with the security of the services provided by the Partner.

TRIPINPAD shall not be liable for any damages, material or immaterial, direct or indirect, that may arise from , or due to, the fault of the Client (i.e. ignoring security information given by the guide) during a Tour booked on HiJames.

The Client may not request reimbursement or refunds if cancellation of a Tour is the result of any act, event or circumstances not reasonably within the control of TRIPINPAD, including but not limited to Force Majeure as defined by law and other extraordinary circumstances such as civil unrest, strikes, severe weather.

Regarding his Partners, TRIPINPAD will never be responsible in case of loss of income, benefit, contract, activity, opportunity, solvency, customers, reputation or data.

When TRIPINPAD is responsible, liability shall be limited to twice the price of the booking.

  1. Complaint


If the Client meets some problems with the proposed Tour, he/she must immediately report to the Partner. If the request is not processed locally, the Client must contact the support team of HiJames either by phone +33 6 88 17 68 68 or by email hijamesapp@gmail.com

Any complaint must state the booking reference and include any useful information.


  1. Dispute and applicable law

The present terms and conditions of sales adhere to French law. In the case of a dispute related to the interpretation, application, termination, or nullity of the present terms and conditions, only courts of competent jurisdiction pertaining to the locality of company headquarters (Paris) will be considered for purposes of litigation, including in the instance of a procedure out of court, regardless of the plurality of defenders.

  1. Privacy and data protection


Anyone who makes a booking on HiJames allows TRIPINPAD to collect, process and use the information as described in the Privacy Policy.


  1. Miscellaneous


  • TRIPINPAD has the right to assign or delegate in any manner and to any person or any part of its rights and obligations under this Agreement.


  • Any provision of this Terms and conditions of sales which is illegal, invalid or unenforceable, shall be considered separately, the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions of this contract will not be affected, as far as possible.